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Put On The Dang Swimsuit

Oh hey, momma. I see you out there. You are all excited that summer is here because that means sunshine and days spent outside and hopefully a margarita on the beach. But at the same time you are downright freaking terrified because summer = swimsuits. Swimsuits. It is almost like a...

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Minimalist What? Part Four. Benefits

One thing is for sure - the minimalist lifestyle is not something that just happens overnight! For those of you that have been on this minimalist journey with me over the last few weeks, how is it going? Have you started to sell some of your items and make a...

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How To Save Hundreds on Kids Clothes

Raise your hand if you spend way too much money on your kids clothes. Don't worry nobody here is judging. Now raise your hand if you are absolutely obsessed with everything from Gap Kids and Baby Gap. Oh, just me? I simply cannot get enough of cute little Baby Gap...

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