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Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

When I was growing up my teachers would often put "conscientious student" in the comments section. I figured since I didn't see the words "terrible" or "awful" or "worst student we've ever seen" I was doing pretty good. However, I never really took the time...

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You Are Your Best Advocate

Let's just get real vulnerable for a second shall we? I mean, you already know all about my lost tampon ordeal so I think it is safe to say that we are on that level of vulnerability with each other. These past few months I have...

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Embrace The Real.

We hide. We hide behind our pretend smiles. We hide behind our big sunglasses and our Starbucks cups. We edit. We edit like freaking crazy. We edit our photos. We crop out things that we don't want people to see. The dirty dishes, the dog...

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