Mama Wears Her Coffee | About
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about me

Hi, I’m Jess.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am so glad that you are here & hope that you come along this journey with me.

I’m just your average girl from Iowa who now lives in the Twin Cities. My husband and I met when he was my server at a restaurant & I spilled ranch all over him. The rest is history. We have a middle schooler, toddler, and infant (and a dog, too). My degree is in Children, Family, and Youth Ministry but I am currently going back to school to pursue a second degree as a nurse. Between being a wife, mom, working, and going to school I pretty much spill my coffee on myself at least a hundred times a day. Life is messy & sometimes I’m just a hot mess.

I am passionate about being real in motherhood, keeping it simple, being debt free, and eating real food + exercising (although I really like cupcakes + donuts). Having a filter is not one of my strengths so I promise you to always keep it real. What I write in my blog is real and is no different than if I was having coffee with a friend.

Being a wife is hard. Being a stay at home or working mom is hard. Being a stepmom is harder. So put on your favorite pair of yoga pants & pour yourself a giant glass of wine. Let’s do this whole motherhood thing together, ladies. Bottoms up.


Jessica Kay