Mama Wears Her Coffee | Baby Step: Meal Prepping
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Baby Step: Meal Prepping

It’s always day one, isn’t it?

Today is my 1028th day one. It’s Sunday. I always think that today I’m going to get better at meal planning. Today I’m going to learn how to finally have a grocery budget and stick to it. Today I’m going to learn how to create meals and grocery lists that use a lot of the same ingredients so I’m not wasting so much food. Today I’m going to actually meal prep. Buying the food & tossing it in the fridge isn’t exactly meal prepping…


Am I the only one that feels incredibly inspired to solve all of their life problems on Sunday? And I mean all of the problems all at once. For now I am focusing on one area and that is meal prepping.

Today I made a huge baby step and actually meal prepped a little. My three year old teenager and I sang along to Disney on Pandora and cut up veggies, fruit, and did some creating of our own. We cut up cucumbers, tomato, onion, green onion, cooked and cut up bacon, made these delicious strawberry cheesecake desserts, made a batch of peanut butter balls, and I even had a meal going in the crockpot for dinner. Can you say winning? After months of extreme lazy meal planning and prepping I was feeling on top of the world. Best part? Everything was using real food ingredients and nothing processed (okay, besides the condiments of course). When life gets busy (and holy crap has it been busy lately) it is so hard for me to stick to real foods and not go for the chicken nuggets and tater tots. And frozen pizza because lets just be real.

I have to share this super quick and easy snack that I whipped up today because holy. cow. you guys. This is completely inspired from my friend over at SimplyMade Health Coaching. I used one of her recipes and modified it just a little. I highly suggest going over to her website and snagging one of her seasonal meal guides because I have used tons of recipes from her! Okay so here is what I did…

Last night: Season and cook some chicken breasts in the crockpot (see – trying to get better at meal prepping!)

Literally the chicken was cooking while my husband and I were out on a date and my kids were home with a babysitter.

Red Cow Cowboy Burger is seriously the best burger in the Cities.

Warm cookies and milk from Insomnia. Yeah, so maybe I’ve been a little 80/20 with my eating but in the opposite direction…

Today: My toddler and I sliced mini cucumbers from Aldi (because remember I’m also trying to trim our grocery budget) & a red onion. I took out some of the shredded chicken that I had made last night and added mayo, honey dijon, and some red onion. I’m not a measure-er when I cook (terrible I know) so just make it however you like it! Then I topped the cucumbers with the chicken and oh my gosh. So good. I also took a little cream cheese and chicken and added it to the cucumber for a different flavor, too! Both so good.

That is literally all I used!

So. Good. Bye bye crackers, hello cucumbers.


Okay, so this is how it really looked while I was making it… details.


You wouldn’t believe how accomplished I feel today knowing that my fruit and veggies are cut up and ready to go in the fridge and I have some healthy snack options all ready to go! Baby step: meal prepping, check. Now lets see if I can keep this up next week!

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