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Just Wait. Rest In The Present.

I am quite possibly the most impatient person, ever. Put an idea in my head and I will run with it & not even stop to take a breath until it is done. I focus on something until I can cross it off my list. These past few weeks I have really been learning a lot about being patient and most importantly resting in the present & not always hurrying up for the future. 

If you have been following my blog for the past year or so you know that my husband and I are on a debt free journey. That led us to taking an incredible opportunity to live rent free at one of the homes that I used to oversee when I was a Program Director last fall and now I am able to live and work here. It has been truly amazing to say the least and we are so happy. Seeing my kids form relationships with the wonderful people that I serve upstairs has been so good for this mama’s heart. I love that they are interacting with people that have disabilities on a daily basis and pray that it shapes the way they treat people that are different from them as they get older.

But, as truly happy as we are right now, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t check the internet daily looking to see what houses come on the market.  So when this cute brown house came on the market two months ago I suddenly began checking multiple times a day. Then my husband began checking and we began talking about this house. I mean you guys, talk about perfect. It is a foreclosure that needs just a little work but my husband has already proved that he can totally do that – no problem. Plus that just means that we would be getting one heck of a deal. It is in the neighborhood that we want to be in. It is on a cul-de-sac! We keep talking about it and I keep hearing…

Just wait. Not yet. 

But Lord. Do you realize how good of a deal this would be?! This is unheard of. And just like that the cute brown house drops 30-freaking-grand. Okay, God. Now? And I keep hearing…

Just wait. Not yet. I know you don’t understand, but just wait. 

But Lord. We are ready. As I’m sitting there in the parent pick up line, you know, browsing the internet for houses again, I see that the cute brown house drops another almost 30-freaking-grand. My heart is literally beating outside of my chest as I frantically text my husband that it had dropped in price, again. Okay, God. Now? And I keep hearing…

Just wait. Not yet. I know you don’t understand, but just wait. I know you think it will be perfect but I know what will be perfect and you need to wait. Stop looking so far ahead and rest in this moment. Be present in this moment because I already have this taken care of. Just be patient. Just wait.

Okay, God. Do you understand how amazing this is?

Yes, I know. But not yet. 

Okay, God. You really aren’t understanding. Let me go over this again…

Yes, I know all of that. But not yet. Just rest in where you are right now and just wait. I’ve got this. 

But –

Just wait.

Imagine the biggest sigh e-v-e-r. Okay, God. We will wait. I don’t understand, but you do, so we will wait. I may or may not have prayed about it bajillion times just hoping for a different response but it never changed. I mean, I’m pretty good at persuading but obviously I can’t change His mind. Go figure.

I’ve realized that I spend so much time thinking about the future and planning all of our next steps that sometimes I forget to live in this moment. The one that is happening right now. I get so caught up in figuring out all of the details for our next big adventure that I am totally missing the one that is happening right now. We love where we are living. We love what we are doing. We love this season of life that we are in. Instead of spending so much time planning for the next big thing I need to rest in the moment. I need to put the pen & paper down for a moment and just breathe. Decorate our cute little apartment and hang some things on the wall. Get involved in the community we are in. Take my kids for walks in this neighborhood instead of dreaming about what our next neighborhood will be like. Spend time making memories with my family instead of constantly looking for the next house that just came on the market. I just need to slow down and enjoy the journey and really settle in. Really rest in the here and now.  The rest will come when the time is right but for now we just need to wait.

What are some areas that you need to rest in so you can slow down and simply enjoy the journey?

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