Mama Wears Her Coffee | A Tired Mama’s Guide To Whole30
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A Tired Mama’s Guide To Whole30

Girl, I feel you. You keep hearing about Whole30 and want to give it a try but your mama brain has absolutely no idea how it can handle a complicated grocery list and heaven forbid meal planning. The word “meal planning” sends you over the edge and straight to the chocolate aisle at Target. I get it. Being a mom is hard and we barely have enough brain cells left somedays to handle throwing chicken nuggets and tater tots in the oven. Was it 15 minutes at 425 degrees? No clue. Better grab the bag back out of the freezer to check – again. How on earth are we going to make meals that are Whole30 compliant? Who actually has time for that? How are we going rock a Whole30 while also providing food for our families that they will actually eat? Easy – keep it simple. Take meals that you are already making for your family and modify them to fit you. Basically that means cut out all of the processed stuff, don’t add in the dairy, and skip the bread. It can be as easy as that if you want it to be! Kind of. It’s a start at least! The following are meals that I already make my family on a consistent basis so this is a great place to start! They are super simple & can easily be modified to jumpstart your Whole30.

  • Grilled/baked chicken, baked potatoes, and a veggie.
    • Grill or cook your chicken how you normally would. Instead of butter + cheese + sour cream + bacon + green onion on your baked potatoes just add some ghee, bacon, and green onion. Or just some ghee. You could even do what I did and toss them in some coconut oil and bake them in the oven with everything else. Make veggies how you normally would. I love this one pan meal because it is uber simple, but you can do it however you want! Best part? The whole family gets in on this completely Whole30 complaint meal.

  • Hamburgers & fries.
    • Grill your hamburgers but eat yours without the bun. You can either put your burger on top of some spinach, a lettuce leaf, or just top your burger with all of your favorite ingredients and eat with a fork. My personal favorite is lettuce, mayo, tomato, avocado, and bacon. Then make some red potato fries by using red potatoes + coconut oil. Toss those babies in the oven and wa-la. They are delicious and I make these fries for my family all of the time whether or not I am on a Whole30. Delicious. And totally husband and kid approved. If your family is like mine and thought of eating a hamburger without a bun sends everyone into a tizzy go ahead and have buns for them but a fork for you.

  • Taco Night!
    • This one is easy! Although instead of using a packet of taco seasoning just use spices to make your own taco seasoning (you can find these on Pinterest pretty easily!). Make your tacos how you normally would just don’t add dairy or eat the shell! I like to take an avocado, red onion, cilantro, and lime and make myself some guac to put on mine since I am taking out the cheese and sour cream. Put the taco meat onto a plate, add all the veggies you want, top with some guac, and done! Eat yours with a fork while your family eats theirs in taco shells. You can eventually make some sweet potato chips to go with it but save that for later. Just focus on the tacos now.
      • Not pictured: Amazing and incredibly easy guacamole. You could even do this..

Mash up an avocado, onion, and tomato. Can easily be done on a commercial break. Just saying. I may have done this a time or two.

  • Roast
    • This is one of my favorites. Buy a roast, cut up some carrots and potatoes, add some spices and bake in the oven alllll day. So effortless and perfect for fall. Plus your house will smell amazing.

  • Homemade chicken fingers and fries.
    • We make this one all of the time, too. Cut up chicken breasts into strips. Mix an egg with some coconut milk (or just mix an egg if you don’t have coconut milk), cover the strips in the egg mixture, and then coat the strips in almond flour. Add whatever seasonings you would like. Bake in the oven. This is also when I make red potato fries to go with it. Both of these are most definitely husband and kid approved. Plus you could use your leftover chicken (if you have any leftovers that is!) on a salad the next day.

  • Spaghetti
    • Spaghetti squash + pound of hamburger + can of crushed tomatoes + basil, oregano, and garlic. *Keep the cheese off if on a Whole30, obviously. This is so insanely good! If your family really protests about the spaghetti squash, pull the mom card and make them eat it. Otherwise you can always make them noodles instead if you’ve had one of those days and you just. can’t. argue. anymore. No judging over here.

  • Pork chops, baked potatoes/red potato fries, salad.
    • Grill/cook pork chops. Use ghee on your baked potato instead of butter. Or, once again, make some potato fries. Use a salad dressing that isn’t honey mustard (it’s my favorite). Also add a veggie.

  • BLT’s
    • I feel like we make these every Sunday after church. Instead of using bread just wrap your BLT in lettuce. Add some avocado if you are feeling fancy. I love mayo on my BLT but don’t like making homemade mayo. I just use Primal Kitchen mayo on mine & it is delicious. I swear after I started making these W30 style I prefer them over regular BLT’s with bread. So much more flavorful.

… clearly we eat a lot of potatoes.

See! That wasn’t so hard. Just take meals you are already making and modify them.

For breakfasts make a lot of eggs + bacon. That is what I make when I am in a hurry. You can also make sweet potato hash using ground sausage, sweet potatoes, and onion. But it is totally acceptable to have eggs and bacon every morning if you would like. Honestly, at first that is what I have pretty much every morning.

For lunches I buy roast beef from the deli and make roast beef roll ups. Have roast beef and salami on hand for quick things to grab. My favorite thing is to make a giant bowl of chicken salad that has almonds, celery, and grapes in it that I can eat all week. Leftovers are always great, too! I definitely struggle with lunches the most which is why it really helps to have chicken salad on hand. Very few ingredients and you can even buy a rotisserie chicken if you don’t feel like cooking chicken.

Some staples that you will want to have are:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Rotisserie chicken (has saved me on more than one occasion!)
  • Hamburger meat
  • Bacon
  • Roast beef (from the deli counter sliced fresh!)
  • Salami (from the deli counter sliced fresh!)
  • Sweet potatoes/red potatoes/russet potatoes
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond flour
  • Lots of your favorite fruits + veggies
  • Nuts (Aldi has a ton super cheap!)
  • Ghee

** Honest disclaimer: I don’t necessarily always buy completely Whole30 approved meat. Why? Because have you seen how expensive that can be!? Instead I buy good quality meat from the meat counter at Hy-Vee – including their bacon. I figure even if there is a trace amount of sugar in it, as long as I’m not buying candied bacon & honey ham I am doing okay! How much sugar can really be in roast beef or chicken breasts? I’d rather save buying the more expensive totally Whole30 approved things like dressings & coffee creamer instead. Priorities. 

These are things that are amazing to have but you certainly do not have to have them right away!

  • Primal Kitchen mayo (unless you want to make your own)
  • Primal Kitchen dressings (unless you want to make your own)
  • Lara Bars
  • Nuts
  • La Croix (the peach/pear has been my favorite so far!)
  • Nutpod coffee creamer. SERIOUSLY you guys… life changing.

Remember that it takes some out of the box thinking. Do you know how many times I’ve grabbed roast beef on my way out the door in the morning for breakfast? A lot. But isn’t that a lunch food? Yeah, it is. But I didn’t have time to make anything else and nothing was prepared. It might mean that you have your dinner leftovers for breakfast. Or you make eggs for dinner. Or you are suddenly snacking on lunch meat. The only thing you need to be doing is eating real, delicious, whole food. No processed crap. At all. Make sure you aren’t eating added sugar, dairy, breads, or legumes. Or alcohol (sorry). It doesn’t matter how much you eat. You don’t have to count points, or containers, or calories. Just eat until your body tells you to stop. That is the beauty of it.

What are some of your go-to meals that you routinely make on a weekly basis? What are some staple meals in your home? How are you going to modify them so they are Whole30 approved so you can get on your way to becoming healthier? I would l-o-v-e to hear them!

I’m so tired, too. But we can do this. We really can.

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  • marie bentz

    January 12, 2018 at 12:21 pm Reply

    Love this! Huge help. Thank you a billion times. Now I need to find places to find things in my area. Like the Nutpod creamer and primal kitchen stuff.

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