Mama Wears Her Coffee | Baby # Two Post-Partum Truth
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Baby # Two Post-Partum Truth

Something strange happens when you become pregnant with baby # two. One minute you are peeing on a stick (and missing horribly by the way & peeing all over your hand) and the very next day you wake up to find that your stomach is literally popping out. You get out of bed and stand in front of the mirror and boom – there it is. No denying that there is officially a baby in there incase there was any room for questioning. Instead of buying maternity jeans at 12 weeks out of pure excitement like you did with baby # one, you now find yourself reluctantly digging through the closet frantically looking for the maternity jeans because now you have to wear them. They are a necessity. The thing that nobody warns you about is that for some reason the second you become pregnant with baby # two your body wages war against you. I’m not talking a little passive aggressive fight, I’m talking about a full out war.

Oh, but it is okay because as soon as the baby comes you will lose all of the baby weight in no time because you plan on breastfeeding.

Ha. Yeah, about that. #BiggestLieEver

While it is so true that the first few weeks following delivery are wonderful as far as the scale is concerned, it is simply your body playing an awful trick on you. Oh this is great! I lost 20 lbs in no time & I’m breastfeeding so surely it will just keep falling off. I don’t need to watch what I am eating or how much exercise I am getting. This is amazing!

Except when its not. Except when you find yourself seven months post-partum and somehow the scale got a little confused and instead of going down it freaking skyrockets back up! But – but you are breastfeeding. How does this happen? Your body hates you, that is how. Because if you are breastfeeding suddenly your world revolves around making that liquid gold. It is a freaking full time job I swear. You are constantly making sure you are eating breakfast, and a snack, lunch, and a snack, dinner, and a snack, and another freaking snack. Got to eat more calories if I’m going to make more milk! Are you drinking enough water? You are constantly worried about how much you have drank that day. And then you go back to eating because you are legitimately hungry all of the time but you are also increasingly worried about losing your milk supply. You’ve got to pump every 3 hours or so to keep the supply. You’ve been pumping or breastfeeding pretty much every 3 hours since your sweet babe exited your who-ha or your stomach. What does that mean? Moms are hella tired. So tired. So what do we do? Sit on the Lazy Boy, of course. Isn’t that why we bought it in the first place so we could rock the baby and be comfortable while nursing? Except now you are attached to a pump and the baby is playing on the floor. Eat, drink, pump, sit in the recliner, eat, drink, pump, sit in the… you get the point.

It is exhausting! And what do we do when we are exhausted? We sit. And when you are eating peanut butter and oatmeal like a boss trying to keep your milk supply, good intentions or not, it is going to start to stick to your pumping ass. And one day you are going to snap out of your milk producing fog and realize that all of those extra calories that you have been eating in the name of liquid gold aren’t going anywhere. They are making themselves nice and comfy inside of your yoga pants.

We feel like giant peanut butter loving failures because weren’t we supposed to lose the weight and not gain it back? Nobody likes to talk about the other side of breastfeeding where your body rejects your good intentions and instead wages war against you. It is okay, momma. It really is okay. Whether or not you decided to breastfeed or not, I can guarantee that you have spent the last however many months focused more on your sweet little babes than on your growing ass. Don’t beat yourself up over it because you are a good mom! Your intentions and heart are in the right place so don’t for a minute feel bad about that! When things slow down a little and you are ready to kick those peanut butter cravings to the curb and start to work on getting your body & your health back – go for it! Just because the scale didn’t get the message and went the other way doesn’t mean that it has to be that way forever. Even if you are still in your maternity jeans it doesn’t need to last forever. It can just be a season if you want it to be. You made a human. You are freaking super woman. You can get your body back when you are ready, don’t you worry. You are amazing – even if you like peanut butter as much as I do. You’ve got this.


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