Mama Wears Her Coffee | The Clutter Struggle Is Real
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The Clutter Struggle Is Real

Last night we were getting ready for bed around midnight, because clearly we are such responsible adults, and I about completely lost it. Like, I was literally freaking out to my husband who was just trying to go to sleep. Why? Because all I could see was the insane amount of clutter taking up space in our home & I had officially reached my limit. I looked around and saw was all of the stuff taking up residence on the floor, on the counters, on my kitchen table, and all over the bathroom. I went from feeling tired and ready for bed to feeling like the walls were closing in and I needed to fix it all right that very second. In fact, I was about a hot second from jumping in the car and driving down to IKEA just hoping and praying that someone would be there & let me in and let me buy a new dresser. At midnight. We have been dresser-less and washer and dryer-less since the move and I am pretty much at capacity with my ability to handle all of the clothes laying everywhere. It has moved from just simply being an annoyance and has now entered into the I’m-going-to-lose-my-crap-pretty-soon stage.

That is the thing about clutter – I just can’t function when there is too much of it. Clutter looks different to everyone and what may make me want to jump in the car and drive to IKEA at midnight may not bother you. I’m the kind of person where before I sit down to do anything productive, like write or do homework or even read, I need to clean up the space around me. I literally cannot sit at the kitchen table and work on anything until my dishes are done and the counters are clear from clutter and are clean. I just can’t. I can’t read a book in bed if there are clothes laying all over the floor. It is obnoxious and annoying but it is a real thing for me. When I go to a friends house I don’t notice their clutter at all. But the second I walk into mine all I notice are all of the things out of place. And lately there have been a lot of things out of place! This mama needs a drink.

When my house is clutter free I notice these three things…

  1. My mind is clear. I know it sounds silly, but my mind actually has room to breathe. I can think straight. I can function. I can stay organized and on top of things so much easier.
  2. Everything has a place & is easy to find. Raise your hand if you spend way too much time looking for things that you can’t find? Oh, just me? I can’t tell you how much time we waste looking for things that should be easy to find. Where are my keys? Where is the chapstick? Where did the thermometer go? Where is my dang chocolate? If everything has a place and a home within your home, it makes it so much easier for everyone to find those things when you are looking for them. If everything is scattered all over who knows where it is! Oh, I think I saw that the other day…. but where? Nothing is more frustrating then spending way too much time trying to find something that isn’t where it is supposed to be.
  3. You can relax & have less stress! When there is clutter everywhere all I think about is the clutter everywhere. When it is all put away where it belongs I don’t have to sit there stressing out about it. Instead I can relax! Read a book. Write. Focus on something other than everything that needs to be picked up.

When you are like me and feel like your entire house is full of clutter you should pick just one room to focus on at a time. For me, I like to start with the kitchen. When my kitchen is clean and clutter free it sets the tone for the rest of the house. Go through and declutter one room at a time. Put things where they belong and don’t simply shuffle them around and just move to another location to just sit and collect dust. A momma that I admire and look up to once told me about her “one touch method [Hi, Michelle].” While I learned this from her at work, I have noticed that I use this at home quite often. The one touch method is basically where you touch something & take care of it right away. Don’t just shuffle it around and lay it back down to take care of later, but take care of it right away. Then it is done and you don’t have to keep thinking about it. It amazes me how much I accomplish when I am being intentional on the one touch method. I pick up my kids clothes from the living room and take them right back to their laundry basket instead of just moving it over to the couch to be picked up later. I walk around my living room and pick up each item one by one and put it where it belongs instead of setting it down on the kitchen table to be dealt with later. I am a big fan of the one touch method & think you should adapt this, too! It honestly has helped me to keep my sanity on multiple occasions.

Clutter is overwhelming and to some, like me, it can even seem suffocating. But it doesn’t have to be! What are some things you have adapted to help you combat clutter in your homes? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks as well!


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