Mama Wears Her Coffee | 7 Reasons Why I Quit my $60k Job to Be A SAHM
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7 Reasons Why I Quit my $60k Job to Be A SAHM

Last year I made more money than I ever have in my adult life. Between working a decent paying job that I loved and working a crazy amount of extra hours, I came in just shy of $60,000 last year. Not too shabby. At least not to me. My husband and I are certainly not extravagant people to begin with, and as someone who has a four year degree and doesn’t even use it, I thought we were sitting pretty good. Before I go into my reasons behind why I decided to do this I want to be very clear on one thing… If you love your career and the thought of staying at home with your littles makes you want to run for the hills – this is not for you! You keep doing your thing at work & I’ll keep cheering you on and supporting you. Not here to convince you to do something you have no desire to do. This is for the moms that are currently on the fence trying to decide if they want to continue working full time or stay at home with the kids and either work part time or not at all. These are the reasons why I decided to quit my decent paying full time job to stay at home with my kids…

  1. Money, money, money. When my oldest was in daycare we were paying $240/week for her to go 4 days a week. It was a stretch to say the least but I honestly didn’t mind paying it because I liked her going. I was the mom who cried on her last day of daycare when I turned in my key fob because I didn’t want to take her out. I loved the educational and social aspect of daycare and simply thought of it as an investment in her future. However, when our youngest was born and I realized that we would need to be sending two… I began to reconsider my love for daycare. In an honest moment I would have loved to send both girls to daycare but it was going to cost us $1,800/month for them to go. And that wasn’t even for full time. By the time we paid daycare I would have just $800 of my check left. Was it worth it to work crazy long days and weeks to end up with just $800? Nope. I realized that I could work part time and end up bringing home more a month than I would if I worked full time and sent them to daycare.
  2. They are only little once. I know, super cliche but incredibly true. I didn’t realize just how fast they grow up until the day we brought my youngest home from the hospital. Suddenly my oldest daughter seemed SO grown up. I mean, have you ever looked at newborn clothes next to 2T clothes? Basically she seemed like a giant. A little human giant. And that is when it hit me that she is growing up at out of this world speeds and I just need it to slow down. It made me think of all the time I missed with her because I was working too much, or going to school and working too much, or just simply doing too much. I needed it to slow down. I needed life to slow down. I don’t want my kids to be starting school feeling like I missed out on all of the long and hard days when they were little. I want to soak it all in. I can work when they start school. In fact, I can finish my second degree when they start school. I’m not in a rush. It will all still be there waiting for me when they are a little older.
  3. Breastfeeding Struggle. Honestly, part of my decision was influenced by the fact that I lost my supply so dang early with my oldest and I was determined to not lose it this time around. I was horrible at making time for pumping while at work [totally my own fault] which is partly why I feel like I lost my supply so early. But I knew if I stayed home I would be able to nurse her whenever I wanted and therefore continue breastfeeding her much longer.
  4. Peace out dress clothes. A little superficial, and I’m only a little serious when I say this, but the thought of being able to wear leggings and yoga pants every day pretty much sealed the deal. I’m sure you can all relate.
  5. Freedom for playdates. Being at home means that I can be intentional on what my kids and I do during the day. It gives me control over whether or not we have a lazy day at home or we go meet some friends at a play cafe for lunch. Or maybe we go to the open gym up the road where they can do gymnastics for an hour and run off some of energy. We haven’t gotten into a rhythm yet (my husband is probably laughing because we don’t seem to leave the house much at this point) but once we do I am excited to do some of these things with my girls. I’m excited to even have the ability to do these things with them. We can also sneak away to grandma and grandpas house during the middle of the week if we want, too. Definite bonus.
  6. Me time. It is so hard to carve out some self care time for yourself when you are so busy working a full time job and taking care of the kids. What I have found is during nap time I am able to finally have some me time again. Whether that means that I sit in silence and enjoy a cup of coffee, or I start a new show on Netflix, or I sit down and write for an hour or so – I can do whatever I want to do. It gives my soul a little room to breathe and have some time for myself. Selfish? Maybe. But I don’t really think so. We need our cups to be full before we are able to care for our husbands and kids.
  7. Healthy Goals. I’m so hesitant to even write this one because as I mentioned earlier I am laughing at myself for even thinking this was a real thing, but I’ll tell you anyway. I thought that if I stayed at home I would have ample time to meal plan, grocery shop, meal prep, and exercise. Go ahead, laugh away! I am laughing right along with you. Totally haven’t gotten anywhere close to mastering this yet, in fact it doesn’t even feel in my reach at this point, but someday. Someday I will be able to do these things. I hope it is soon… .

I am still as new as they get when it comes to being a SAHM. However, there is one huge thing that I have noticed and I’ve got to share it with you. I don’t know about you, but getting kids up and out the door in the morning is quite the task – especially if you are not a morning person like yours truly. Every morning I would be running around the house like a crazy person trying to get diapers changed, clothes on, teeth brushed, and tracking down the same two shoes that were never where they were supposed to be. That whole breakfast thing? More like toss my kids waffles on the way out the door so they could eat them in the car. Socks? Sometimes my daughter didn’t wear them because I didn’t have time to look for them. Half the time I would leave the house without packing a lunch or grabbing my coffee that was all nice & ready in my travel mug sitting by the front door. It was ridiculous All of this running around made me a super crabby mom and I would find myself getting frustrated really quickly with my kids and losing all of my patience with them in about 2 seconds flat. I would snap at them as I was hurrying them out the door. I pretty much became the worst version of myself every.single.morning. I would get to daycare and run in and drop one off and then quickly get to school to drop the other one off. That is when I would drive away with tears welling up in my eyes and so much guilt in my heart because I had just spent the morning yelling at my kids and hurrying them out the door. I was starting ALL of our days off on the wrong foot – mine included. It was the worst feeling ever. Now that I don’t have to be to work in the morning our mornings are no longer chaotic and I am no longer losing my patience with them like before. Don’t get me wrong, definitely not a walk in the park either but certainly not as stressful as it once was.

Staying at home with your kids is certainly not for everyone (which is totally okay by the way). However, if you are like me and are on the fence I would encourage you to give it a try! Write it all out on paper. What would your financial situation look like if you stayed working full time vs stayed home? What if you even stayed home and worked part time? For me I love staying home with my kids but I also enjoy working part time because it still gives me time out of the house & I actually really like working. What would some other pros and cons be for your family if you stayed home? Write it all out. Make lists and then make lists again. And if you think it would be beneficial for you and your family – go for it! You’ll never regret the extra time you spend with your kids. And if you get in it and you hate it you can always go back to work. But we can never get our kids to go back to being little. Do what is best for you and your family, momma.


  • Amanda Speights

    June 20, 2017 at 9:01 am Reply

    I am so with you Girl! I am totally good with dressing up once a week for church. Daycare cost is outrageous! Plus, I want to be the one to teach my little girl. I am so excited that I get to drop her off and pick her up everyday of pre-k this year! And yes, I actually do have more me time now. Normally I’d be at the office now but instead I’m doing what I love while my baby girl is sleeping ? Thanks for sharing this fun post!

    • Jessica Kay

      June 23, 2017 at 2:04 pm Reply

      So glad you are getting some time in for yourself while she is sleeping! 🙂 I always have the nap time struggle of wondering if I should take a nap or try and be productive or do something for myself that I’ve been putting off. Naps are winning quite often right now 😉

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