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Minimalist What? Part Four. Benefits

One thing is for sure – the minimalist lifestyle is not something that just happens overnight! For those of you that have been on this minimalist journey with me over the last few weeks, how is it going? Have you started to sell some of your items and make a little profit? Have you tackled a room, or even a closet, and meticulously gone through it? I’ll be honest. I did my basic house sweep and picked a few little places to go through but I have yet to tackle an entire room. It is on the top of my to do list and I cannot wait to check that off my list!

But even though I haven’t completely embraced this whole minimalist concept, or even decluttered all of the areas that I am wanting to, I have definitely already seen some small benefits! Here are a few small things that I have noticed since I started this journey…

  1. No more fights with my kids sippy cups. I don’t know about you, but I used to hate the thought of getting my daughter some more milk because it meant that I had to dig through all of the random sippy cup pieces to find just the right ones and then spend 5 minutes putting it all together before pouring her glass of milk. Now that I only have 4 or 5 sippy cups in my cupboard that cuts down on the amount of sippy cup parts a lot. Now every time I unload the dishwasher I put the entire cup back together before putting it in the cupboard. It makes it so much easier, and weirdly a whole lot less stressful, to reach for the cup and get her milk right away instead of feeling like I am putting together a 350 piece lego set every time she wants a drink.
  2. No more hunt for toddler socks. I am convinced that whoever thought it was a good idea to put cute little designs and colors on toddler socks never had had a toddler. Are you joking me? The only time my kids ever have matching socks is the very first time that they wear a new pair. After that it is impossible to find the same cute little pink or purple matching socks. It just doesn’t happen. No clue where those socks actually end up but they get separated and never find their way back to each other. Granted, part of my problem is that prior to this whole minimalist adventure I n-e-v-e-r matched socks. Ever. I would spend 10 minutes in the morning looking in all of my random piles of clean clothes just to find two socks that matched. Because, you know, I can’t be the mom that sends my kid to daycare without matching socks. However, I went through my kids sock drawer and tossed out any and all socks that didn’t have a match. That cut the amount of socks that they have in half. I also took out all of the random stuff that was in their sock bin that didn’t belong. All that ever did was create an obstacle for me as I was pushing things aside looking for socks in that drawer. Also, I now match socks as I am folding them. Wow, what a concept, right? You wouldn’t believe how relived I was to run to my daughters room to grab her a pair of socks as we were frantically running out the door to daycare. That would have taken me at least 10 minutes before!
  3. No more toy invasion. My poor children. I am a terrible mom and admittedly I hate toys. Especially toys that are loud and make noise. I used to think that my girls didn’t have a lot of toys… until they made their way to the living room and I spent half of my day picking up the same dang toys! I have since moved their main toy bin back into their bedroom (where it belongs, of course!). Now there are hardly any toys for me to have the urge to pick up every hour of every day. I have gotten in the habit of picking up and putting away everything at bedtime so that in the morning we all wake up to a somewhat clean house. It is amazing to me how refreshed I feel when I wake up and everything is picked up. Then once my girls are down for their naps I go around and spend just 10 minutes tidying up the living room again by putting away everything they got out (you know, like the measuring cups and cutting boards that aren’t even toys to begin with!). All of the toys go back in their bin and done. Less toys means less time picking up those things. Once they wake up then suddenly it is a mess again but at least I had an hour or two to enjoy it picked up. And lets be honest, as long as I can pick everything up and drink my cup of coffee in silence in a picked up room – I am happy.

Those are some very, very small but significant changes that I have noticed already. I am hoping to start tackling each room here within the next few days and I will update you all on how that goes! On a side note I am fairly convinced that it would be easier to just advertise my address on Facebook Marketplace because I am fairly confident that my entire house is on there. So much stuff! It feels good to get all of those things that we don’t need out of the house. So long, recliner that I got for free that I don’t even like that just sits in my basement. Peace out, old mirror from before college that is broken and yet sits in my room and yet some lady wants to buy. See ya later, old tennis shoes sitting at the bottom of my closet that some random chick bought at a garage sale for $10.

Feels so dang good and refreshing! By not having all of that stuff just laying around we don’t have to get stressed out by it anymore. It simplifies even the little moments in our lives like trying to get our kids out the door in the morning. Let me know what benefits you have noticed since you started purging and decluttering your houses. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

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  • Sheila Price

    May 10, 2017 at 12:03 pm Reply

    I’ve noticed a lot of little benefits as well. Like how I think twice…or three times… about buying things I don’t need. I’m a lot less inclined to make impulse buys, because I know that it means more to pick up, clean, or clean around. When I do buy something, I try to find something to get rid of.

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