Mama Wears Her Coffee | Minimalist What? Part Two. Sell All The Things
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Minimalist What? Part Two. Sell All The Things

Last time we talked a little about minimalism and what that even means in the first place. Hopefully by now you know that when I talk about becoming more of a minimalist I do not mean that you need to sell all of your possessions, your house, your car, and live with a grand total of 29 items for the rest of your life. Not at all. We are talking about minimalism in the sense of decluttering your life and living with less so that you can enjoy life more. Did you catch the key word there? Enjoy life more. Who wants to wash those same 512 towels every week? Or constantly be picking up the same stuff? Definitely not this girl. And hopefully not you either! Total disclaimer: I am not an expert on this at all. I am simply intrigued and inspired by the concept of living more minimally & am walking through this journey with you & sharing as I go.

So now what?

Time to do my favorite thing in the entire world, friends! Time to sell all the things. It can be a little overwhelming when you want to sell your belongings but simply don’t know where to start. Selling all of the things is broken down into two categories: 1) A basic sweep of your house, and 2) Combing through every room in your house from top to bottom. Today I am going to tell you how to do a basic sweep of your house so that you can get some of that stuff out and hopefully get some money in your pockets! Okay, here is what I did that worked really well:

Basic House Sweep

  1. Sit down with a pen and paper and make a list. Write out all of the things that are laying around your house that you want to get rid of, or could go without. You will be surprised at what comes to mind while you are making this list. My list started out with things like old rollerblades, ice skates, carry on suitcase that I only used once on a flight to Montana, my second breast pump, Moby wrap, text books, old living room curtains, wine rack, and old headboards. What do you have siting around your house that you don’t use anymore? What items are you constantly picking up every day that don’t really have a purpose? What is hiding in your garage or in your storage under the stairs that you have totally forgotten about? Don’t be afraid to dive into your kids rooms either! What toys do they have just sitting there that aren’t being used anymore?
  2. Gather all of the items on your list.  Okay, so you know that list that you just made? Go gather all of those items. Yup, I said go. Take your notebook and walk around the house if you have to (I may or may not have done that myself). Put everything into one spot and then cross those items off your list. Am I the only one that loves crossing things off lists?
  3. Walk Around. Pretty self explanatory. Walk around your house and just see if anything catches your eye. I don’t mean go through every single closet and every room right now, but just as you are walking from the living room to the kitchen take a look around. Is there anything you wouldn’t mind getting rid of? As I was searching for one of the items on my list above I actually ended up adding about five more items simply because they were laying next to the item I was looking for. I had forgotten I even owned those things!
  4. Photo Time! Find a spot in your house that you want to be your “backdrop” for all of your photos. I know it sounds silly but image is everything. You want your items to look their best so that someone wants to buy them, right!? I use my kitchen table to take most of my photos because there isn’t a lot in the background. Snap a few high quality images (you know, not blurry!) and keep all of those belongings that you gathered in one place. I use our spare bedroom to store all of my items that way they don’t creep back into their former spots around my house.
  5. Two Words: Facebook Marketplace. You guys. I wish that I would have started using Facebook Marketplace a long time ago! Up until now I had been solely relying on Craigslist to sell all of my old items. Facebook Marketplace is so quick and easy. I am amazed at how many more responses I am getting on there vs on Craigslist. After you take your awesome looking photos it is time to post them to Facebook Marketplace (or Craigslist if you prefer). It literally takes two seconds, okay maybe three, to post your items. I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret. Last night I spent about two hours gathering my items, snapping photos, and putting them on Facebook Marketplace. Not a whole lot of effort, right? I literally just put a whole bunch of old clothes, shoes, a few small baby items, and a handful of “bigger” items on there. Nothing too crazy. Not even everything on my list! And you know what!? I added up everything that I put on there and if everything sells at my asking price I will have made $698! Six freaking hundred and ninety-eight dollars. For just a bunch of stuff that I have laying around. I even double checked the math like seven times. I know that not everything will sell for what I am asking, but still. That is insane! And I have barely gotten started.

Facebook Marketplace makes me want to keep walking around my house just looking for stuff that I can get rid of! What are you waiting for? After the kids go to bed tonight sit down and make a list of all of the things you can think of that you can sell. If you have some time, spend an hour or so snapping photos and put those things online. It is kind of addicting! Okay that is a lie. It is really addicting. Afterwards let me know what things are on your list and what you are getting rid of. I am excited to hear what you come up with!

Happy selling!

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